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The JOST Group is an enterprise which since its establishment in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles. It has a tradition of success based on flexibility, technical know-how, entrepreneurial action and a close relationship with its employees.
As the expectations of end users and vehicle manufacturers for supplier performance become increasingly exacting and our customers rightly demand defect-free, reasonably priced products and services worldwide, its absolutely essential that our products and services offer high quality and reliability in order to maintain the competitiveness and advancement of our enterprise.
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Easy Drive System
The Easy Drive System
An electrically operated system to facilitate the fast winding of telescopic trailer supports.

JOST SDR diffusor
JOST SDR has a positive effect in reducing air turbulence at the rear of the vehicle. The air flowing over the roof is directed through the turbulent zone by the JOST SDR diffusor, significantly reducing the drag effect caused by the turbulent air.

Back by popular demand
The well known A402 telescopic trailer support with internal gearbox is back by popular demand.
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